Patch Hacking Jacket now in stock...

For those of you who are familiar with us, you will no doubt recognise this piece as a Cabbages & Roses staple.  The essential hacking jacket is reworked with Cabbage quirks; tactile patches in velvets and tartans and brightly coloured buttons a little off centre.  They take so long to hand stitch that we currently have only 7 in stock. We do have more coming in soon, but not too many so don't wait to get yours!  We think it looks gorgeous with the Long Side Button Skirt and hand knitted Fingerless Gloves (available exclusively in stores only).

To make a purchase through our website, click here or on any of the images above.

Alternatively, register your interest with one of our three standalones who are contactable in the following ways;

Langton Street - 0207 352 7333 /
Avery Row - 0207 499 8580
Northcote Road - 0207 223 8972 /

Love, C&R x

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