Christina In Tokyo

Last week on Monday, Christina jumped on an aeroplane and flew to Tokyo to meet with our lovely partners, Innocent. The purpose of this exciting adventure was to open our little shop in a new Department Store called LUMINE in the heart of Tokyo's shopping district Ginza.  Nothing could have prepared her for the extraordinary reception that a new shop could attract on a Wednesday afternoon in October...

Clearly, not all of these people were there just to see Cabbages & Roses, but two in particular made a special effort and travelled many miles to meet Christina.

Mrs Tomomi Yokoyama also travelled many miles to meet Christina and her Tokyo Roses!

The press were out in force and to her horror a microphone was thrust into Christina's hands. Unaccustomed as she is to public speaking, she bravely gave a little speech about the birth and life of Cabbages & Roses which, thankfully, was well received.

Keep posted for Christina's further adventures!  Including an excursion to Hong Kong, and a book signing in CABBAGES & ROSES store in Daikanyama  in Tokyo this week!

Love C&R xx

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